Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Chrome extensions

About a week ago I read an article that mentioned 2 new chrome extensions created by former google employees. I was very excited to give them a try, so I downloaded and installed the free extensions and WOW!!! The first product I will mention is AdBlock. This program downloads and installs quickly and is very effective for most ads. The integration is practically flawless, you don't even really notice anything is missing unless you are looking for it and even then it may take a minute, lol. It is great at keeping unwanted ads from appearing but it does not prevent information from being collected. For that I found Disconnect, this great little extension also integrates seamlessly and works great. Much like a pop up blocker it keeps track of how many times it blocks sites from collecting your info. Both extensions can be "paused" and restarted when needed. They are easy to install and most importantly, they work! If you are a Chrome user looking for tighter security and less advertisements, check out these two.

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