Saturday, August 13, 2011

The kids are growing up

Bella and Buck are thriving.  Dh, AR and I disbudded Bella, we hope we did the job right so far it looks good. They are getting ready to be properly weaned in another few weeks.  

There's not much to tell, our tomatoes and potatoes didn't make it (thanks blister beetles).  We're hoping the pumpkins do well.  The pigs are staying cool and we should have babies next month and the month after.

Hopefully Eva will get bred soon, we will likely send pretty to the freezer along with patches.  I hope to get some jam done next week but we'll see how it goes. 

Dh finally took his vacation time and AR went to FL, it was an awesome time for all of us to get a break.  We start school on Monday and are really refreshed and excited.  Summer vacation is almost over and it feels like only yesterday it began.  Hope you had a great summer :)


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