Wednesday, March 6, 2013

End of my hiatus

So much has happened since I last blogged.  For starters we now have 8kids, only have a small cow family and 2horses (yes I am aware that I was the one totally opposed to getting horses since they didn't fit into the 4M's).  I wish I could go into all that has happened but I will say this, thank you to all those who prayed for us and continue to do so.  

Eva (Treva and Lot's baby) is all grown up and has given birth to her own little heifer, Lulua.  Dh found us a little bull, after we unsuccessfully tried to rent/borrow one for over a year, on the radio no less, lol.  We named him Adam, he came from a purebred longhorn herd and apparently his mama liked to sneak out at night, his sire is the neighbors bull and since he isn't a longhorn, Adam was a reject (at least to them).  Thankfully he was the perfect size for our little Eva, God took care of the details :)

AR has taken control of much of the daily chores now that DH is working more.  We were able to teach Eva to milk in the last few days and she has been doing a wonderful job.  Lulua is with mama all day and is doing very well.
Cricket is a wonderful little quarter horse we got as the previous owners were out of hay, she is a joy and the middle kids are having a blast riding her.  She enjoys being ridden without a saddle but also doesn't mind being saddled.  Naveah, was given to us by a neighbor who is currently boarding her other horses here.  She is very much the Type A personality but she doesn't scare Cricket.  The cows however aren't nearly as thrilled with the new horse arrangement though.  As soon as things warm up a bit they will be in separate areas but for now they are all learning to play nice ;)

In addition to all the other changes on the farm I have actively resumed my weight loss journey. I am not following any one plan too strictly as they all seem to have a bit that doesn't quite work for me so I keep tweaking the way I eat to find the right combo. I have enjoyed participating in my first dietbet last month and I plan to do another this month. For those not familiar with dietbet it is a "game" where you bet on you, basically that you will lose 4%body weight within 28days. For anyone looking for a little extra motivation, I encourage you to give it a try.
I sure missed you guys, I'd love to hear what you've been up to these last 16months :) God Bless.


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