Saturday, April 26, 2008

Welcome to our life and home.

This blog is to chronicle our lives and the transition from city life to country living. It is our hope to have a subsistence farm and a dozen or so God-fearing kids :)

So lets introduce the current cast:
My darling husband affectionately referred to as DH in this blog. Together we have 5 great kids AR -10, EE - 7, HG - 4, SM - 2 and IL - 9months but lets not forget our awesome dog Sammy. And last there's me, Ellsworthville manager and creator, DW.

We currently live in a 'mobile home' (trailer for those who aren't familiar) :P It's a 3/2 and 1200 sq ft, quite small for a family of 8. We are in the process of buying a 5/1 with 2539 sq ft and 10 acres. But, well have lots of time to talk about that later.

Hope to see you soon.

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