Monday, April 28, 2008

God's timing!

Some years ago I had found out about the first time homebuyer bond program which give the buyer 4% towards closing/down payment/pre-paids. I was totally psyched as I'm always up for some free money :) I mean who isn't. anyway, we found this house and the bank says there is no bond money because of the "market" conditions.

I accepted that (initially) and proceeded to negotiate the contract which eventually came down to who's going to pay the closing costs? Well with no bond money to lean on I stood my ground and said, "not me". The came back with a couple offers and again I turned them down standing firm, then they lowered the price and I declared, "DONE!!!"

Well skip to last week when I persist to get more info on the bond thing since I'm like a dog with a bone when it comes to free money. I speak to this one guy and he tells me that I should apply anyway since they are trying to get funded. I left a message for my banker to submit the application.

This morning bright and early he began putting the application together and through my searching for other "free money" I discovered that the bond had some money available and tomorrow I should know how much they are reserving for me, YAY!!! Did I mention, everything in God's time? :)

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