Thursday, October 1, 2009

Awesome Cheesemaking info

I am desperately wanting to make different cheeses but have been held back by finances. Today I found an awesome site that shows how to make the starter cultures: Mesophilic Starter here is another Mesophillic starter and Themophilic Starter :) It's nice to know that the knowledge of how to make these from scratch has not been completely lost. I was beginning to wonder if Ma Ingles sent the kids to the store asking for Mesophilic starter, a mouthful even for me. I will be setting some milk out tonight to get the mesophilic culture process started. I will have to wait till I get goats to get fresh rennet so for now I will survive on Junket. Everything in time. I'm just excited that I will get to make some hard cheese :)


Dandy said...

Excuse me ma'am, I'm the new neighbor... would you happen to have any Mesophilic starter?


Great info, my fiance was just saying he hasn't made cheese since culinary school.

Janelle said...

Hey Dandy, as a matter of fact I do have some fresh starter :) I'd love to har more about his experience.

Congrats on your upcoming wedding.