Sunday, October 3, 2010

Not much to say

Well with just a few weeks left there isn't much to say but oh boy is there lots to do. The pigs are behaving, finally. The cows are . . . trying to, lol. Side note: Things are still not final with the Notch situation, she ended up dying after 13 days in their care and they are trying to pay us as though she arrived that way. Please pray for the situation as I believe they do not have insurance or are not wanting to file another claim.

On the upside I have been able to level out the pregnancy weight gain for this last trimester to at or around zero, yay!! If you're now joining the party this may sound horrible but I am quite overweight and it is very important that I keep it to a minimum, so as long an this little guy is growing well we do not have to worry. :) While I still haven't found a good alternative to sugar or HFCS, I have discovered that I don't need to have nearly as much as I had been consuming but it take a concerted effort to try to limit it. It is also difficult to try to pack the fiber in as so many foods are processed, thankfully fruit is there to save the day :)

I am really enjoying my time at home, it is amazing how quickly the kids grow up right before your eyes, I'm glad I won't have to miss it. My IL has hit her girly phase thanks to big sis HG and GH is following right behind. The child (like her sister) attempts at least 3 wardrobe changes daily, lol. She is a great person to send shopping with dh as she is always thinking like a mama, she doesn't pick out 1 piece of fruit for herself but the entire bag for everyone, lol. HG has that problem with making oatmeal too, she is great at 8-10 servings but clueless about single servings, lol. Baby girl (GH) is learning lots of new words daily, she is also very interested in imaginative play.

With dh's change in schedule AR has taken up most of the animal chores, with his ADHD he really needs the change up in his day and just being a boy he needs his outside time, lol. I am trying to learn more about football (American), though I only just sorted out the 2 Oklahoma college teams. We watched "the blind side" the other night and dh tried his best to help me understand who goes on the field when. I'll let you know if I ever get it. SL is far more likely to benefit from this but AR and I will just have to learn together.

EE is making some progress at school, though she still has too much control of the day. She performs much better at home than at school, but I demand quality work every time, no exceptions. I am still looking for an activity for her, but I do not want her to be disruptive to the rest of the group so it is a bit of a challenge. She is not very athletic either, since she has 1 leg slightly shorter than the other so . . . suggestions welcome.

Well, I guess I had more to say than I thought, lol. I'll quit babbling now :) SO what have you been up to?

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