Monday, September 27, 2010

1 more thing

It always seems like there is always 1 more thing, ugh! The backup fridge has died, of course this would not be an issue except that the other fridge died in the spring and the back up took it's place. It's been years since we've moved so imagine our surprise to see the new rental vehicle rates. :( We found a (new to us) fridge at a used furniture store, a few towns over and were so thrilled at the price, it was about the same as a new larger dorm fridge except standard size. Well, know we couldn't afford to tack on another $100 to the price dh opted to take the dying truck to get it. Thankfully he made it there and back safe and sound. Pray that the fridge will hold out and doesn't die.

Since we haven't found a reliable form of transportation it looks like we will be going the home birth route. We are still working out the details. Our previous experience was very positive, so we are praying that all will go well and it will be uneventful. On the upside we will be closer to the ER than we were the last time, in case of a true emergency. We are still praying for a reliable vehicle that can fit all of us.

This week the children are learning lessons in having a grateful heart, I have taken all extras out this week, including computer time. There is lots of deep cleaning scheduled. I have found that children today are not very thankful for what they have and while we don't have a lot by any means, it is very important to be thankful for even the little we are blessed with. This lesson is difficult even for us as adults, so I welcome the chance to instill this lesson early.

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