Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh craigslist how I love thee

Every few weeks we make a big run to Wichita, for us that is the big city, it has become one of those things that we work hard to jam pack the schedule with as many stops as humanly possible.  Yesterday was that day and man was it packed!  

En route to Wichita we stopped at a smaller city to pick up some table cloths for the new table.  She had 4 priced at what it would have cost me for 1 and they were all brand new, still in the package. :)  The woman selling them had just had her last child of 9 get married, she informed us that we should prepare to be broke forever having so many daughters, thanks ::rolls eyes::

The next stop was less productive as the guy didn't have the item that he had advertised :(  But no matter it made for a great pit stop to feed the baby :)

Next up was to return my elliptical as the console kept dying, I had checked online and found a store that had the upgraded model, but wouldn't you know it they were out when we got there :(  We got the money back and went to Lowes which was just down the street.

I am not sure if I have mentioned how much I love Lowes, the employees are SO knowledgeable that it makes a call or trip so worth it.  We are planning a mini grey water system and the guy there was able to help dh find all that he needed to get it done.  They discussed all the logistics and offered a few insights that we hadn't considered.  I really like those guys :)

While dh did that I spent time calling all the walmarts in the area, there are like 5 or so.  I HATE calling walmart but it was necessary, I needed my elliptical :)  After being hung up on and on hold for what seemed like forever I FINALLY found what I was looking for.  It was on the west side of town, a minor hiccup as the rest of our stops were on the east side.

The great thing about Wichita is that you can get to anywhere from anywhere.  I mis read the directions and we ended up on the wrong highway but that was ok as it put us on the west side and a few exits later we connected perfectly with the highway we were supposed to be on and we were once again on our way.

Once we found the house it was already late, far later than we had planned anyway.  It was refreshing to see that even in the city neighbors look out for each other, as we pulled up the neighbor across the street called to make sure everything was alright.  We picked up a BEAUTIFUL cultured marble double sink for our bathroom and he even threw in a kitchen sink.  That was a total God thing as I have been looking at kitchen sinks for a while. For the price I was going to pay for the kitchen sink I ended up with 2 and let me tell you, that marble sink is HEAVY!!!!  I am so excited to get it in :)

Our last stop was not nearly as simple as it seemed.  The guy lived east of a town 2 towns east of the city and we got SO lost.  Not even the lady at the gas station could figure out where it was.  I called and he gave us some directions and we were kept driving and couldn't find it.  I said to dh we will be turning around at the next turn and I called the guy and he said we had actually gone too far.  But that exit was perfect as it was less than 5 miles from his house.   He was able to direct us perfectly from that point.  

There was only 1 thing we were unable to get to but it's still on the list (as it has been for a while).  We finally got home after 9 long hours in the van and dh headed out to deliver the newspapers.  All in all it was a really great trip and the money saved was awesome.  We were even able to save money on gas as we used our .20 cents off per gallon at dillons on the way there. :)  Did you know that Dillons allows up to $1 off per gallon?  We will be doing all our grocery shopping there from now on. :)

I finished the 2 benches for the new table and the sander arrived today so we will begin the sanding and stain process very soon.  The sub floor for the kitchen is going down very well and I know what I want for the flooring so I will be on the look out for a good sale.  :)

Well that's all I've got for now, we have skipped spring planting this year but hope to get some done eventually.  So many projects, so little time :)    


Tracy said...

Excellent deals! We also love Craig's List -- although Steven swears I should drive the old farm truck into work most days, because all the items he wants me to pick up are usually too large for the car! :) Have met some really nice people that way. However, with gas being $3.50 a gallon, have to really think now about how far I'm willing to go to get a bargain.

I love that you make a day of it and the whole family gets to enjoy. Great family time and teaching time!

cathy@home said...

I think more than two birds with one stone well done

Farm Supply said...

I have a shrine dedicated to all that is glorious to Craigslist! Awesome job on your great deals... keep us posted on more! Thank you!