Saturday, June 11, 2011

A little of this and that

Yesterday we picked up 3 sows and a boar, they are show quality I am told and even registered.  We got a GREAT deal as she wanted them to stay together.  Dh and I have converted the corrals to a summer pig pen.  We also picked up a truck bed trailer and a riding lawn mower, all were priced for us far below market, I firmly believe they were God's blessings on us.  


Our grape tomato plant is producing nicely, I am eager to see how the other plants do.  We have tried to water them faithfully and even weed the tiny garden, I pray that it will produce well, I am not impressed by the strawberry plants, but we'll see.

Walmart clearance racks are AWESOME!!  I got all 4 girls matching 5 matching shirts each @ $1/ shirt (Girls team RULE, lol).    DH, AR and I lucked into 6 or 7 thanks to the same deal.  The deal wasn't as great for little boys clothes, but SL got a few and now all boys team have cute fedoras :)  

Today SL turned 6, it's flown by so fast, much like his new remote control helicopter.  He's really gotten into school now, he LOVES the Funnix reading and math programs.  I am so excited to watch him grow and mature. :)

AR is getting better at driving, it is so much better having 3people who can move vehicles and get the trailers hitched up.  

BREAKING NEWS: We just had a RIR chick hatch, our very first.  YAY!  Wait, what do I do now?  Off to research, we have another broody sitting on a nest :)


Kansas Mom said...

It seems like it wasn't a good year for strawberries in Kansas. No one had a good crop. Kansas Dad blames the bitter cold winter and the very dry spring. Ah, well, maybe next year.

We also had some chicks hatch this year. So cool! Mommy hen did all the hard work; we just put out water and chick food.

Janelle said...

Very cool! I'm glad to know that mama hen will take care to teach the chick(s) how to get bugs and water. :)

Good to know it wasn't me on the strawberries :)