Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Nerve racking

Well, so much has happened since I last blogged, where do I begin. Well last week was filled with tests of all kinds: home inspection, termite inspection, well and septic, well water quality and bank appraiser.

To say the least we were all on the edge of our seats when just days before these were to begin the key mysteriously disappeared and no one could reach the sellers realtor. That worked out to be a blessing in disguise as it gave DH and I a chance to walk the whole property. Imagine our surprise to meet a snake *eek*. Which put me on a new quest to find out about snake removal services. More on that later, back to the tests.

After 4 days of calling around our realtor made contact and got a key, just in time too since the inspector was due the next morning. All in all he gave a great report, nothing so major that had to be done or the house would be unlivable in is professional opinion. In fact the electrical was the most he found and as a licensed electrical contractor he admitted it would cost in the ballpark of 1K to fix completely. I've since had 3 other contractors out to bid the job and they agree, it's about 4hours work tops :) YAY!!

The well and septic were to be inspected on Thursday but it turned out that or realtor misunderstood and it was already done on Tuesday - still waiting on the report :( i do know that they hired a well company since then to bring the well house wiring into compliance so they may be waiting for a re-inspection by the county. If they'd ever return a call we may find out.

The water sample went out on Wednesday and was received on Thursday by the testing lab, the results are expected mid week. *fingers and toes crossed* :)

While the well company was out, DH got a chance to ask them a few questions as they apparently have been servicing this well for many years. We found out that the well has not gone dry even during years when there were droughts, it pumps about 10 gallons a minute - the guy said even with 10 more kids we couldn't need more water than that :), the water is crystal clear and cold. He felt safe enough to drink it and did :)

The termite inspector found evidence of termite and have requested that the seller pay the estimated $950 to treat. :) I love those guys. They were really great with our daughter too, she is so friendly that she kept following them around. The one guy told DH that he was keeping himself ready to dive in front of her since he was sacred she'd fall. DH had already rounded her up and sent her up but it was nice to know that this stranger was wanting to protect our girl.

During this round of inspections we had the pleasure of meeting our nearest neighbor, he asked how many kids we've got and when I said 5 imagine my surprise when he uttered, "aw that's not so many." God love him, I just about thought I died and went to heaven. To say the least we love this town :)

Any who, so while DH was out getting another electrical estimate he ran into the bank appraiser. A very wonderful coincidence. He was really impressed with the house and raved the whole time about what a steal it was. I confirmed that he gave a glowing report with no recommendations for repairs :) I also discovered that the house was originally priced 50K higher than we're buying it for, crazy right!

Then I get a call from my banker (ie I called him to see if he heard anything) saying that there are some papers that weren't signed and 1 last debt unaccounted for :( We finally got the papers in the mail on Saturday and returned them promptly before mail pickup Saturday evening. I took care of the last debt on Friday and they said the receipt would be available on Monday - HA!! Collection agencies will hound you for money and take their sweet time to give proof you paid them, UGH!! I got it this morning instead :) The bank girl still hadn't gotten the signed papers as of this morning though :( She said she would expect to get them by 2 pm so will be following up in the morning.

So one she gets through with all of that we will have an official bank commitment hopefully within 48 hours or less preferably. Pray we know by Thursday as I am so anxious and we are going out of town on Friday. It would be the perfect Mother's Day gift and birthday present for DH :)

Oh yeah and as for our snake friend, I finally got a hold of the Kansas wildlife and parks department and he informed me that the area isn't known to have any poisonous snakes as those prefer the drier areas out way west, YAY :) and they've only just begun to come out with the changing weather 8( Well thems the breaks, we'll be investing in good rubber boots for the entire family just in case :)

That's all for now. Keep those prayers coming and fingers and toes crossed and we'll be posting the final news from the bank soon.

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