Sunday, December 20, 2009

Car accident

DH and HG were in a car accident today, he believes that the Expedition is totalled, it is currently flipped over in a field. We'll know more once the adjuster gets through with it. Please pray.

On a side note it appears that the wonderful people of our town have adopted our family this year, we're not quite sure how they knew but we are thankful for their generosity.


Lynnie said...

What happened? Everyone ok?

Anonymous said...

So sad to hear about the accident. =( Is everyone ok??

Tracy said...

We're still keeping you in our prayers - I hope you can update us soon on how things are going.

I'm sad you have to go back to work, but also glad you were able to find something quickly (I assume, based on saying you start work in January).

Please keep in touch.

Katidids said...

A vehicle can be replaced people can't...I'm glad they are ok.