Monday, July 12, 2010

Life with pigs

It's a constant adventure. We have gotten to the point where we check on them hourly. Don't get me wrong, except for the unfortunate winter potatoes and corn plants incident, they haven't done any real damage. They really should be pastured fulltime, the longer we keep pigs the more I am convinced they need wide open spaces to graze. Mama and her babies love to roam, they even like the wheat field across the street. Theyre not above eating roadkill either, apparently armadillo tastes good even with tires tracks. 1 piglet - the only boar, has a pinched nerve so he shakes his head a lot, another got stepped on by a cow and is paralyzed from the waist down, boy can she move. Mama and babies love to nurse in the open grass, the babies fight for position most of the time, lol.

Side note: IL has laid claim to miss kitty and carries her like luggage, lol.

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Anonymous said...

someday we hope to have a pig. or two. =) Chickens first.