Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mama pig took the babies for a walk

For some reason Mama pig has become impossible to contain. This evening I woke dh up to do chores before going in to work and not 5 minutes later a stranger pulled up to the house. Mama had taken the babies for a walk by the highway 8| AR and DH rushed out and got them back in the corrals. Mama has trampled and dug up my garden over the past few weeks :(

Black Jack, Missy and Pinky have had to be locked down in the corrals as the dug under the fence of their old pen :( Missy seems to be the only one that minds, and has assisted Dh in finding all the weak spots. :roll eyes:

Dh is looking for a part-time 2nd job to help catch us up on bills, as am I. No leads yet. I am thankful to have my swagbucks to get amazon gift cards for books for the kids, it is a life saver with 3 kids b-days in summer and 3 in winter.

The cows decided to press their luck last night and rush Dh as he entered the gate, since it was dark their little escapade cost us part of the electric fence :( Dh worked a double shift today so we'll have to assess the damage Wednesday or Thursday.

The kids and I are having loads of fun this summer, focusing mainly on Religion, Math and Reading

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