Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Spider Who?

Name this spider please, he is currently hanging outside one of our windows. Has anyone else noticed how much bigger the bugs are in the country? Seriously and what's up with this web pattern?

on a side note: The feeder pigs are finally ready to go to new homes. We have relocated them to the trailer.

Missy looks to be pregnant, we'll soon find out. Pinky and Mama do not seem to be able to get along :Read Pinky is a real . . . Pig, lol: Soon we'll know who's preggy and whose not and will have lots of bacon and pork chops, lol.

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Janelle said...

Mystery solved http://animaldiversity.ummz.umich.edu/site/accounts/information/Argiope_aurantia.html

Janelle said...


Tracy said...

yep. Argiope aurantia is commonly called (at least in kansas) "one of those black-n-yellow garden spiders". :) Harmless to humans, and very good for gardens - they eat all other kinds of insects.

Anonymous said...

as an adult, spiders really freak me out - though I leave them alone when outside. great bug catchers. as a child, I would feed a spider like this little grasshoppers that I'd catch in the weeds.

hsmominmo said...

Yep, Garden Spider! We celebrate every time we find one - they are the most beautiful artists, are they not? These great big beauties were a tremendous help in getting a couple of my younger guys over their fear of bugs, once they learned how helpful they were to have around.