Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Newspaper route

I remember seeing kids on tv having paper routes and it seemed like such a great thing, a way to teach a kid responsibility and give them some freedom while earning some money. That was not an option for most of us growing up outside of the US. I had even given it a try when I moved to the US, but it wasn't very practical with a small child in tow so I didn't really get past the 1st day . . . I think. As you know, now that I at home money is much tighter and we are always exploring ways to add more streams of income. About a month ago Dh got to talking with the guy who delivers to his work and he mentioned that he was giving up his route, it seemed like such an easy gig dh and I figured why not.

Ok, let me start by saying it's not the work of itself that is hard. THe difficult part comes when you realize that committing to a route is like committing to milking a dairy cow except that a dairy cow is dry for a few months a year. This is a 365day commitment, regardless of the weather and/or your health. You might remember dh had an accident last month, it was on his way to deliver papers and when he got home he jumped into the van and got the job done. (That kind of commitment is just one of the reasons I love that man).

Anyway, all in all the job is a bit more work than it seems, the delivery is but one part then there is the paperwork and returns that make the job a bit of a challenge. Thankfully I handle those aspects of the job as they can take a couple hours a day and a bit longer at the end of the month. Some days I really wish he could get a snow day but I am thankful we have found another stream of income.

On another note: Head over to the review tab and check out my review of the 4.86qt Kincaid color cast casserole pan that we gaveaway on New Year's day. Hope your New year is shaping up to be a good one. :)

Oh before I forget: Some small towns do still have paper routes for kids 10 and older. we looked into one for our oldest but they are reserved for the kids in those neighborhoods and our little town doesn't have a daily paper.

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