Thursday, January 27, 2011


The first time I heard this word was when we started doing the newspapers. It appeared to mean that the area was unable to be serviced, I just assumed they couldn't find someone willing. That seemed to be the case with the route we acquired, part was to be deemed "unserviceable", since no one would be willing to driver the 9 miles. Well today I discovered that that is not what it means.  It means that we have made a corporate decision not to service that area even if it is possible.  Today is the last day the people of our town will have a chance to buy the paper as we have been warned that they will take the route if the papers are made available.  I may be wrong but aren't newspaper companies going out of business because of the lack of sales?  I guess we know why . . .

In other news, we got another car, the gas mileage on the van is ridiculously low.  It was your typical story, we were looking on craigslist for a car and found 2 possible options and after thinking we had a deal, the seller backed out at the last minute.  Bummed we began looking for another and we found one, freshly listed, 30 mins closer and began text messaging the owner for about 2 hours.  The following morning Dh went to test drive it and was able to get a great deal.

God is a God if even the little details so even though we didn't know it then, it turned out that the exact amount that we needed to pay off the Focus, is the difference between the cost of the one we thought we had a deal on and the one we bought. :)  Oh and wait till you see it

I may have mentioned, God is big on even the little details :)  I was stunned by the sliver strip, it was a great little touch to remind us that He will always take care.  

Well, that's it on this end for now, we are working on getting all the kids bikes.  Turns out this is a great time to buy them at a good price.  We can't buy all at once but we have gotten 3 so far and have 3 more to go, once we are done we should have just about every size, lol :)


Leontien said...

Happy you found a great car! and yes god works in mystereous ways (probably spelled that wrong, but you can blame it on not having English as a first language)!!!


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