Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meet Gary

Redbook Magazine has opened the voting for The Hottest Husband of 2011, no this is not a plug for dh, it is however a shameless plug for a very worthy contestant, Gary W.

Here is his bio per Redbook
This dad of nine (!) would give Mr. Brady a run for his money. "Instead of plopping in front of the T.V. after a long day at work, Gary helps me with dinner, cleans up, gives the kids baths, and puts them to bed," says Shannon, 36. He'll even shoo his wife for a weekend away with her mom to have a break. "He does great while I'm gone," Shannon says. "He makes up silly songs to get the children to do things like go to bed or clean up their toys." Even with 11 people under one roof, the couple still manages to make time for each other. "Every morning and evening, Gary makes coffee and brings it to me," she says. "It sounds small, but it means so much. It's our time together." And Gary's Army job helps him stay in great physical shape. At age 40, he still gets the maximum score on his physical fitness tests, beating many of the younger guys. However, "it's his smile that I would say is his best feature," says Shannon. "I still melt whenever I see it."

What more could we want to represent the Hottest Husband for 2011 than a man who understands the commitment that is marriage, 19 year and counting, a dad of 9 great kids and an active soldier in the US Army. VOTE FOR GARY W and ask everyone you know to do the same :) Thank you :)


Leontien said...

Ok i voted!!! hope he wins and all those other men were pretty goodlooking too!! :-)


mommy2jkserjlj said...

Thanks for posting this, and thanks for voting. Gary is really a wonderful hubby!