Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tax time again

Well it's tax time again and for the first time in a long time I am not doing taxes except our own.  Yes I know I'm weird but I really like doing taxes, I enjoy the thrill of seeing how best to apply the laws to someones advantage.  Sadly, my boss has closed up shop :(  Anyway, for those of you that don't mind giving it a go on your own here is a tip or two.

Never pay to e-file unless you want to.  The IRS has partnered with several software companies to offered many the chance to file their federal taxes for free.  For those of us in KS, you can file your state income tax, along with your homestead claim for free online.  Several states also have this option for residents, check with your state department of revenue for more info.

If you have business taxes and don't know where to go, try out this  You can file your Federal business taxes for as little as $15.  

Well, hopefully you kept track of your various mileage and expenses (or can reasonably recreate them).  As for next year, don't forget to keep a little note pad in the car to help you keep track.  A small envelope for receipts is handy in the glove box or even on the visor.  Well, happy tax season everyone :)

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Tracy said...

Great advice, Janelle! I'm always amazed at how many people pay for services that they can get already for free if they do a little searching. I haven't 'paid' to file my taxes in years.

Last night I sat down with my daughter and helped her worked through her free filing online (so much easier than back when I learned in my teens years with all the paper forms! Kids have it easy these days!) Of course, hers is basically just a 1040EZ - but still getting it out there eletronically fast, and getting it set up for direct deposit should help her get her refund in time to pay her rent (since she's unemployed at present, job hunting).

You aren't going to do others' taxes this year just to make a little extra on the side? You're so good at it, seems a waste that you can't earn a little cash at it.