Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Or maybe not . . .

I was talking to my mom yesterday while dh was out collecting for the newspaper and wouldn't ya know it, he took charge and got the whole unserviceable situation resolved.  As of yesterday what his boss said could not be done, not even appealed, was not only appealed but completely overturned.  Two unserviceable communities will now be receiving the newspaper on a daily basis thanks to dh's willingness to take it there and his decision to commit to the route.  Sure the higher ups thinks he's a little nutty for having so many kids but it helped reassure them that he was going to stick with it :)  So we can learn 2 things from this situation: 1. a single person can change things (good or bad), thanks lady who complained and 2. it only take 1 person willing to stand up and fight to get it fixed :)  Dh's boss called last night and told him, I don't know what you said but congratulations.  I hope it will inspire him and many other carriers to consider re-servicing the many small towns/cities that were previously considered unserviceable. 

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