Sunday, May 22, 2011

And the renovations continue

Well I have learned a few things about vinyl flooring since we worked on the bathroom and I've decided that paying a bit more upfront is definitely worth it.  The quality alone is like night and day.  That said don't forget to always check the remnants sections to see if there is a piece you can use and save a few bucks :)  

The contractor has still not shown up for the siding project so I contacted someone else.  Unlike the other contractor he put it on me to source the materials, I really had not thought much about it so imagine my surprise when I realized that the other guy was charging 4 times the actual cost of the materials :( God is great and all to often works things out even when you don't realize that He is. :)

The kids and I will be prepping the wall, getting out all the nails and screws and bagging up all the melted siding and insulation and hopefully should have it ready for the guys to start on Wednesday.  

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Craigslist?  I do :)  I found some great chainlink fencing for the new chicken/goat area for $20 :)  The kids and I picked it up on our trip to Menards, love them too.  We were able to find the siding for the house at a much lower price than the other hardware stores :)  Dh might even consider doing the siding work himself if he can figure it out :)

I found 2 remnants that should allow me to re-do my bedroom.  I also found a 12X17 remnant for the kitchen.  I will have to go look for a few more soon.  I was pleased to see that Menards also sells used appliances, I think we'll have to take a trailer on the next trip :)  So many projects so little time.

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cathy@home said...

Well they do say every cloud has a silver lining it has for you this week well done