Sunday, May 11, 2008

Classic case of FEAR continued

I told you I'd be back :) Ok so as I mentioned the water results came in and oooooh Satan was really working my last nerve. So much doubt and despair he was trying to get me in, but I was standing firm and remembering to praise God. They told me the water was not drinkable and that it was just BAD, not fit for any use. They recommended, calling a few companies that could possibly help.

So I called the first name on the list "Culligan", knowing I have to make a decision that day I email the results to them for a educated speculation and the man said, "ma'am, a well this bad is a candidate for a full RO system". Being the city folk I am, I had not clue what RO meant, it's reverse osmosis. Anyway, he then goes on to tell me that it's $12,000, I just about died a little at that moment and I admit I was week and I was asking God why. why let me fall in love with the house if it is not HIS will for us.

I call my realtor a few minutes later o relay the news and get a long why well water is not good lecture, and he leaves to inform the seller of their usable well water status. a few minutes later 'Steve' aka culligan man, calls back. Turns out that even with 26 years of experience people do make mistakes :) He mis-read the report and while it is fit for livestock and ok for plants it probably would taste 'off' to humans and then there is the issue of the sulfates which have a laxative effect at numbers greater 250, this well has is greater than 1600. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

I get 'Steve' out to the house for a free estimate and low and behold the water was not as bad, it is bad. The estimate to make it drinkable is $4600. Please pray the sellers will assist with this expense either; 1. pay for it, 2. lower the price by the cost of it, or 3. offer to split the cost. Thanks for the continued prayer.

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