Saturday, May 17, 2008

Reality bites, UGH!!

I decided to start crunching number today, never a good idea when you're living out your dream btw. anyway, we decided to leave our savings intact and only spend the monies currently available - that trip to KFC is starting to haunt me :( So now I have to cut back on my plans and live in the reality. Which means I've got to save for the things I want, didn't I warn you it sucks.

So we'll be starting slower than I wanted, boooooooooooo. Looks like we'l get Lot, the bull, the pregnant heifer and a dozen chicks. We'll save and add to our FARMily (lol), after we sell the mobile home and can afford more.

The silver lining in all of this is that we are on track to close on Monday but you better keep those fingers and toes crossed and prayers flowing, just in case. :)

Oh yeah, and the lesson from all of this boys and girls is: crunch, crunch, crunch. Never let those number get away from you.

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