Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day 1: Irritation of small town living

Well I called to set up our electricity and guess what, I cannot get my current electric company to mave any faster than a snail to get me a reference letter so that I can avoid paying a deposit. UGH!! I was however finally able to convince the rather rude woman to fax me the application she insisted that I come in person to fill out for service. Oh and get this, they don't accept deposit via phone as they don't have that set up. In fact they don't even take Credit or debit cards in person, only cash, check or money order. WOW!!!

Phone serve is ridiculously expensive but that might have something to do with the fact that I haven't had to pay for it in years. The DSL service seems pricey too but I don't mind since they provide the local government and schools free access.

The Co-op guy was unfriendly since I wasn't calling with a specific question. I'm sorry, I thought, "could you tell me what it is you provide" was a question. But obviously he doesn't get that question very often.

Well, I am glad to have called since I found out that they are open on Saturday mornings and the are my livestock feed supplier and propane supply. I am curious to see what else I can order in bulk through them.

On the up side I did get my water softner ordered and it should be delivered by Friday. The Septic got pumped out and I got my auction items picked up. DH had to take the night off of work though, since I didn't properly prepare him for the size and quantity of some of the items. Oops, sorry. :(

Will have to keep pressing on and see how tomorrow goes.

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