Friday, November 21, 2008

A date to remember :) w/ Review

Last night, thanks in very large part to the generosity of a friend and her family, dh and I went on our 2nd date (no kids) in 6 years, YAY!!!! I raced to her house from work to meet dh and we spent quite a bit of time getting lost trying to find the movie theatre, frustrating. (We also got lost trying to find our way back to their house, lol.) Once there we got a large popcorn and a pepsi to share and walked in just as the previews were ending :) There were actually other people there, we were surprised. We enjoyed the movie and were really glad we were not aware of the hype that surrounded the movie. It was not the greatest acting in the world, some stereotypical and others just flat, but overall it was really good. We spent a lot of time laughing and yes there are some parts where I was crying. The thing that struck me the most about this movie was the realistic view of the couple.


Hollywood has spent decades teaching us that love is easy and that a few nice gestures will produce the desired result with a failed love. Reality is that sometimes you can do everything you can to love someone and they will continue to be unreceptive. The main character in the movie discovered that some cheap flowers, candy and a nice dinner cannot erase years of hurt and pain. In fact it is not til the very end of the movie when she finds out that he has spent all the money, he had been saving for a boat, on her mother who suffered a stroke and needed new equipment, that she is able to fully let go of the past hurt and pain and truly forgive him. It's not that she is some kind of gold digger or that she was bought, she realised in that moment that he had truly changed and the things she had seen in him were real. The work involved in making those changes is hard and while it is not possible to really show an audience the ins and outs of it, they made an earnest effort and the audience can feel the frustration. I strongly recommend this movie for anyone who is married, or just thinking about marriage. I would urge all couples to give this 40 day challenge a shot and make it a way of life.


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