Monday, November 17, 2008

A long weekend

Well, let me start with the bad news first. Our dear sweet little Spice has gone to puppy heaven :( She managed to get out of the house and was hiding under the expedition, no one knew she was even out and it was upon dh's return home that she was discovered :( Her sister, Sugar, is still coming to terms with the loss and she, Sammy and the children are working through their grief together.

We had the pleasure of participating in one of the oldest scams (Thank you John Robert Powers) in the book. The radio advertised an audition for kids 4 - 17 this weekend and I took the kids down on Saturday to try out. Sure I don't own a tv but what does that have to do with anything! Anyway, my oldest got the callback but it was not an audition, as advertised, but instead a "school" for aspiring actors/models/singer/dancers. The classes ranged from $2000 - $6000, no payment plans available. At first I was bummed, I was still whirling in the glitter and glamour they promised, then I called my sis for that delightful dash of cynicism I know and love her for and I was better :) Hey, life's tough when you have beautiful kids, lol. Anyway, I called the screen actor's guild today to get a list of legitimate agencies in the area, maybe I'll send out some head shots or something when I have some of that free time people talk about :)

Lot has a really diverse palette, dh and I are really impressed. When he came home I was told he liked pears so we decided to start offering them pears, he was the only taker. The other evening dh left the pig food in the wheelbarrow and Lot discovered the grapes, turns out he really likes those too :) I am very interested to see where this leads, I'll let you know :)

I finally got pics of the new trailer (Read:I asked the previous owners for the pics)


Kansas Mom said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your puppy!

Theresa said...

Sorry about your puppy :-( You must tell me about your homebirth! Glad to know you have a blog as well :)