Friday, November 14, 2008

Rejoice :)

I am pleased to say that the barter system is indeed alive and well :) Last night we traded the suburban for a 4X7 utility trailer. YAY!!! At first we were a little worried because we couldn't get the suburban started, the poor thing has been sitting for months since the transmission is going out and you can't get up over 40 mph. After charging for a bit it started right up. :) The couple that had come to look at it were very nice, a police officer and his wife looking for a winter project. Apparently he takes on quite a few projects every year. The men took the suburban out for a spin while the ladies stood around chatting. Turns out they have 5 kids too :) Eventually we saw the suburban and just as they pulled into the driveway it died, lol. We laughed so hard, it was excellent timing. He was in love and she was understandably worried about taking it home at that late hour. It occurred to dh that we needed to get the title, that was a very difficult exercise and I am so very thankful that we found it. Dh loves the new trailer and is already dreaming of all the uses he has for it, he'd been wanting/needing one for a while. Well, that's about it for this story, don't you just love a happy ending :) I better get back to work before they notice my happy energy :)

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