Monday, November 10, 2008

Sorry for the silence - for my desk at work

Alright, I have been AWOL for the past few weeks as my busy season has gone into full swing, on top of which my computer at home is temporarily out of commission :(

So let's do a very quick recap:

HG (our middle child) found her self on the wrong end of an oak china cabinet :( The small spider monkey within must have finally taken hold because my sweet princess decided one fine afternoon (while I was on my way home from work) to climb up the old cabinet, left over from the previous owner, and in the process pullet it down on herself :( Fortunately, dh was in the bathroom (less than 10 feet away) and was there to push it off of her within seconds of the fall. Barefoot he scooped her up and got the children in the car as they raced off to the emergency room. The building was locked, he went to the little grocery and they directed him to the correct building. When I got to the hospital they were both covered in blood and she was very tired. Scared does not quite do justice to the feelings I had at that point. With the exception of her going for the x-ray I couldn't leave her side. They determined that nothing was broken but felt that she should be transferred to the bigger hospital in Wichita (an hour away), just to be on the safe side as they do not have a CT Scan machine. We agreed and waited patiently for the ambulance to arrive. The EMS worker noticed that she was not on a spine board while they knew that it was not needed, they didn't want to have to deal with the doctors at the other hospital throwing a fit. I looked on as dh went on ahead of us to pick up food and meet us at the hospital. My little princess was now in pain and I asked how long she would have to endure this, to which the response was: "until they clear her". I said NO!! That was just unacceptable. She was not in pain and they were causing her to be in pain, suddenly they realised that I was serious. They began working to make her more comfortable, imagine, they had that option the whole time. Anyway to make this short, she was fine though the doctors in Wichita couldn't believe it so they kept her for observation. They didn't release he until almost dinner time :( Once she had had a "good" night sleep she was up and about ready to go again. Praise God she escaped this entire ordeal with only a few bruises.
Pic from the hospital:

Pic yesterday:

We did luck out on that trip however as the child life department brought us a nice assortment of costumes for our dress up box. We are still collecting pieces now that Halloween (we don't celebrate) is over :) AR turned 11 in the midst of all this drama and had the pleasure of going to his first ice hockey game, he loved it!!

Lot is finally back home, YAY!!! We missed him, so did the girls. It was a bit of an adventure that can be read here

HG celebrated her 5th birthday this weekend and is in the midst of planning her 6th, lol :)

I found a new doctor and really love his office. For one thing instead of the usual ob office decor a la contraceptive manufacturer, this guy has awesome assortment of NFP posters and reasons to avoid contraceptives. I was really pleased to see an office that was willing to give families information about the effects of contraceptives on the marriage and their correlation with the ever rising divorce rate. *NOTE: we do not use NFP but do consider it the only option should it be truly necessary.

We watched P.S. I love you this weekend *Disclaimer: if you're a guy reading this, you may wish to avoid this movie, lol :) I cried for the whole movie, it was such a beautiful love story.

Not much else, dh had the pleasure of chasing after our cows who had escaped when the barn doors were blown up again :( It worked out alright though, Lot who had stayed with his new main chica Treva, wandered out behind dh and called the girls home - he probably figured that it was time to get some grain and didn't want that held up, lol :)

Well, I'll update again soon. Thanks for the comments and emails. :)

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Kansas Mom said...

Glad to hear you're back and glad to hear HG is doing well. I can only imagine how terrifying that must have been!

And a good reminder: We need to anchor all of our shelves here at the new house.