Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh Buttercup . . .

Well mama and baby are doing very well (last I checked, lol). She is so delighted by this little guy, it is amazing to see the transformation of a heifer to a cow. her maternal instincts are wonderful. I watched as she stood guard of LJ and you could tell that the little wheels in her head were turning as she decided if she should leave him and try to get Treva's grain or stay put just in case . . . she stayed put. :) This is day 3 so her milk hasn't come in but we are eager to see what kind of production she will have. I remember how flat her little udder was when we got her and now it is definitely a B cup, LOL. I'm told she will probably move up to a C or D when her milk comes in, lol. She has been a bit more ornery about getting into the stanchion and leaving the barn but we have chalked that up to hormones. She doesn't want to take baby out in the cold, understandably and she will not leave him. We'll get back into the routine and she will be fine. She does not mind being milked, she is still standing beautifully. :)

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