Saturday, February 6, 2010

Yes, I am still alive :)

There really hasn't been much to report, work is good, farm is good - though the ground is VERY wet and it's cold out, and the family is good. :) Buttercup is coming closer to calving I would say about 10 days or so, her udder has really started to come in and she has a string of mucus hanging. She has been a bit more ornery but she loves coming into the stanchion and all of the cows have gotten the routine down :) Blackbird (our Angus) seems to be the object of her abuse however, though I am not sure why. Eva is eating grain and hay from our hands and we will be working on doing the horn paste this weekend. We are thinking of getting some oats and corn planted next month but I need a bean to plant with the corn. Suggestions welcome.

In other news I am pleased to see that AR seems to be doing really well even though he is no longer on medication for ADHD. He has really buckled down and worked hard to do the things he needs to at the time it needs to be done. :) Well that's about all I've got. Stay warm and keep praising. :)

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Tracy said...

YAY for being still alive! :)
I haven't posted much during the winter either. Tired of snow and waiting for spring. Our goats are due to kid very soon - hopefully on some of the warmed days.