Monday, February 22, 2010

She's a . . .

He. LOL!! It seems my hubby needs a cow anatomy lesson. :) We are calling him Lot Jr (LJ). He will make many pretty babies, just like his daddy :) He is nursing very well, I am really pleased with Buttercup. Dh and I went to look at him when I got home from work and he was there all by his lonesome, soon enough the other cows came up from the pasture and he mooed for his mama, she came running in to check on him. She cleaned him a little and then stood patiently as he latched on. It was wonderful. Quinn seems to like him too. I cant wait to see the babies that he and Buttercup will have next year :)

I should add that we are very pleased with this little guy as we really wanted Lot's genetics to continue through our herd and now it will :)

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