Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Good bye Buttercup and LJ

Today a couple came and bought Buttercup and LJ, it was a bittersweet goodbye. We have been looking for a van to fit us all and we decided to post her for sale. They were taken by her and wanted him too. They will need to wean LJ, but they will have a wonderful milker in Buttercup. Of course, I will now need to get a few more dairy cows we have sold all of our extras but that's ok, we don't mind :) Breaking cows to be gentle enough to be milked is probably the most challenging and rewarding job. The thing is we rarely get to enjoy the fruits of our labor as the cows go on to their new lives with their new families. Buttercup's life will be WAY different at her new home as they have 9000 acres. It is nice that our cows get to go to such large agritourism farms, it is also nice that they get to be the only when they get there. :) LJ is such an attractive calf it would have been nice to see his babies, but I'll survive :) Now to find the right van :)

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Daniel said...

Wow I wish I had as much land as you do. But besides living in the city, I still do grow some of my own food. It wasn't really that hard, I got a lot of advice from this blog. You should check it out later.