Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mama takes a stroll

DH went to milk when he realized that mama sow was missing, she had busted through the fence and pushed open the barn door and took off. He went ahead and got Mag in the stanchion and hooked up to the milking machine and went looking for her. Well in true pig form she had parked herself in the shade of some trees nicely hidden by lots of tall brush. Or as the rest of us know it, behind the chicken coop. We have the beefies grazing down that area so it is behind the electric fence and cannot be accessed by vehicle. She had no interest in food, she was panting heavily and pacing a bit. She even snapped at Dh as he tried to approach. Deciding that she was not going anywhere we opted to leave her for the time. DH got back to Mag and went to the store.

He ran into the wife of the other pig guy in town and told her the situation. Not 10 minutes later they were at our house and the men went to see her. About 30 minutes later Dh returned to the house to report that Mama was back in her barn, though she is now in Mag's section. Channeling their inner Pa Ingalls, the charged at her hollering and she came running home. We have put hay down for her and hosed her down to keep her cool and just to be safe wedged some wood to keep the barn door shut in a slightly open position so that the air can flow through. As a side note, DH also reported that Jack finally may have bred Pinky, I'll spare you the details, lol ;) Please pray that mama will have a safe delivery and a healthy litter :)

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