Friday, May 7, 2010

A pleasant day and stuff

Today we had the pleasure of hosting a homeschooling family. The weather was cooler than it had been the past few days but all in all it was nice. The kids were cold and clung tightly to their mother as the wind blew cold. The sun was out but did little to offer much warmth. We brought Meg out onto the front lawn so that they could meet her and pet her. The chickens made a brief appearance but opted to take cover in the barn. DH brought out some pickles for the kids to feed to pigs, but they preferred to watch. Being such a small farm there really wasn't a whole lot to see but we did get to chat for a bit, which was very nice. We lost all rack of time, the kids enjoyed playing with the cat and puppy and finally we said goodbye when DH mentioned the time. It was to be able to show them around, hopefully they had a good time too :)

In other news, I am really pleased with Mag's condition and will definitely be ordering again from the Co op. It is Amazing how much cream she produces, we thought Treva made a lot but Mag makes a whole lot more. Of course to be fair Mag produces 4 gallons a day and Treva was not up to that production before she left.

The pregnancy is progressing, it appears my thyroid is going to be an issue this time and I likely be put on medication. Since this runs in my family I am not terribly surprised but it will be a new chapter in my life as this will be a life long issue. I'm off to do more blood work for it today and am hoping that if medication is needed, that it will help with the weight and exhaustion.

The farm is picking up. We are selling our excess and I am hoping to be able to sell all so that I can help bring in some income. We are right now selling 25-30 percent, but we have had a few more inquiries that I am hoping will pan out. I have ordered jars in the meantime in preparation. (Side Bar Note: I have created a fan page for the Farm on facebook, please join us if you want more info about what we're selling and our schedule).

Well I've got to get to the lab. Toodles, lol :)

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