Friday, May 21, 2010


Tomorrow Today we say goodbye to Quinn, we weighed him and he is a whopping 700lbs. Hopefully that will work out well after processing. As usual he gave us quite a run for our money when we attempted to get him loaded into the trailer. He busted through the gate and trailer door and took off down the highway. My little guy came into the house and let me know what was happening. I got the kids in and took off in the car to offer my assistance as our oldest son manned the gates.

DH walked behind him trying to lead him back but he was leading the way . I cut him off from crossing the street and sent him up the strip behind the property, I went back to the house only to find that Quinn had doubled back, I was less than pleased. So once again I was off to head he off by the road. I was able to convince him to walk along the outer fence line and come back home, but AR wasn't expecting him from that end so the gate was not open yet. :( Quinn jumped over the trailer hitch but stayed close by.

Dh managed to get him back into the corrals but upon trying to load him once more he busted through the gates again. It was more than a little frustrating at this point. Got him in once more and DH determined that he needed to back the trailer up a little more. I was less than impressed with this plan as it required all gates to be open while Quinn was standing within 100 feet of them. He got Quinn a flake of Alfalfa and he backed up the trailer. It was perfect now. He walked Quinn straight into the trailer with no further fuss or fanfare.

We've had Quinn since he was 6 week old and this is a bittersweet end for us all. We had hoped to sell him but it never turned out that way. We hope the meat will last us quite a while, we will find out about getting the hide in the morning. The skull, bones and organs will also be coming home with us. Well not much else to say except, thank goodness summer vacation is here :)


Anonymous said...

We purchased a grass feed steer, who will go to the butcher in July. In trying to decide what all we want to keep, what is your intent with the bones and organs (looking for ideas here). If the owner cannot produce the birth records we may not be able to keep the bones (over 30 months means nope).


Janelle said...

since we have pigs we feed the organs to them and keep the bones for the dog and oxtail stew ;)