Sunday, September 5, 2010

My boy is amazing

As I previously mentioned the cows escaped and were no where to be found. Dh got a jump start for the truck and went to work. AR went outside to see if they'd come home and spotted the runaways 2 pastures over the highway. He called Dh at work and was pumped to go get them home. I was concerned. For one thing I didn't realise how far away they were until I decided that this was not a job for him to do alone so I went to help. It took him a while to get to them and as he walked further and further out I wished that he had a horse or something. I also was a bit disturbed because it looked like far more than the number of cows we lost. He remained calm and walked back and forth. They apparently were checking his endurance because they really took him on quite the walk. They started to circle around him and from where I was standing I was scared for him. There was a whole lot of them and just him. They were kicking up a lot of dust and it got harder to see him, my heart was racing and I was screaming for him to just come home, but he was too far to hear me. He slowly brought them closer and closer to the road and finally he got 4 across while I stopped traffic and he ran them into the corrals. We hadn't really thought through the next steps, we got more across the road but were only able to get one more in as the others were still loose by the barn. Not quite sure what to do next, it felt like a stroke of divine intervention when they all walked into the second corral and we were able to lock them down and leave the main gate open once more. At this point the cows had begun to run back to the middle of the pasture across the road. I was not pleased, but AR was such a trooper he just went back out and worked them back in, while I directed traffic as needed. There were 6 Hereford heifers running with our cows, he managed to get our group free of them and every cow (except Chip) was accounted for. For some reason the Herefords lingered on the side of the highway for sometime after, we were worried that they would try to cross as they had seen ours do and then cause an accident. We called the sheriff as they were rather afraid of us and we didn't want to spook them. They eventually did cross the highway and ran up past our property, hopefully they are headed home. Tonight I am so proud of my boy, I didn't realise he learned so much and he could handle the cows so well. It was amazing to watch and see how much he has grown.

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