Friday, September 3, 2010

You.Can.Win! lol

Last night a facebook friend posted a link to a sweeps page, bored I opted to give it a shot, I mean why not. :) The initial sweeps were fun and it is amazing how much those games can become addictive like a slot machine but without the use of cash, just time. I had a blast and would you believe it I actually won something, lol :) Play-doh is hosting a "You.Can.Win!" game and even gives a free code for those of us not willing to spend anything to enter. :) You get 3 tries per day for 1 of the 10 $50 visa gift cards and you are also entered for the grand prize of the $5000 shopping spree :) Click here to read the Official Rules of the game.

It was nice to win for a change, hopefully you can too :) Enjoy!

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