Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stuck, again!!

Well imagine my surprise this afternoon when DH calls to let me know that the "new" suburban will not start and we're once again without a vehicle. You could imagine my concern realising that I am 60 miles from home and it was only through the kindness of a stranger that DH and the children were able to get home from town. I called the local mechanic and he said that he'd have someone come and get the key and then get the suburban over to the shop 2 blocks away. It's 10:20pm, I'm still waiting. :( Thankfully I was able to get a ride home from Mary and her hubby who live in Argonia, 26 miles away. When I got home Dh announced, oh by the way, the vacuum is broken and the sink is clogged. To this I added, oh that's ok, AT&T has been charging us for every call to and from our cell phones @ $0.45 per minute, to the tune of more than $200. They're so cancelled!!! We decided that this must be God's way of giving us time to get our fence work done, so we got right to it. We secured the 3 gates and rounded up/roped a loose calf, even got a halter on her for a bit - it was too big so DH later took it off, cleaned out the feed trough and was able to let the animals back into the barn area. Tomorrow we will work on the rest of the corrals and then start on the arena and chute area. One more day in paradise, for now all "discretionary" spending has been brought to a screeching halt and a new vehicle - I said new, as in brand new - will be purchased. Ironic since we just registered the suburban and re-registered the minivan. UGH!!!

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Kansas Mom said...

What bad luck!

But it'll be fun looking at NEW vehicles! We've never done that. (In fact, we've never looked at old ones, just bought them from my dad.)