Monday, September 7, 2009

Homemaking and Volunteer gardening

Because I grew up a city dweller with a concrete front yard (mom didn't want to have to mess with having to mow the lawn), I really suck at gardening. The concepts are so very foreign to me :( Of the things I attempted this year the 1 grape vine has survived and the tomato plants that I put out late are still alive. However nothing has bore fruit. I may have mentioned that I noticed that we had a volunteer garden coming in the old pig pen, well said garden is doing wonderfully. We have gotten some juicy cantaloupes and there are several tomato plants that have begun to produce. We are still waiting patiently for the watermelons to be ripe. It is amazing how blessed we have been by this garden and I am saving the seeds for next year. We had a chance to get a butternut squash from a friend's garden and we have also saved the seeds.

On another note I am really been enjoying having time to crochet. I am excited to re-learn how to knit and I have found a great easy sock tutorial. I will give it a try as soon as I get done with the pillow and blanket I am making for AR.

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Katidids said...

Those look wonderful! Gardening is rewarding and frustrating. You can do the exact same thing 2 yrs in a row and one year have a fruitful garden, the nest barely anything. Still love it tho!

Janelle said...

Thanks, that's good to know.

Kansas Mom said...

Janelle, I thought of you when I saw this post:

Janelle said...

Thanks, I am excited to try some of those :)