Saturday, September 12, 2009

Productive day and school irritation

After my not so great day yesterday I decided to bake cookies (WW Chocolate Chocolate Chip), I also made chocolate chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast (not as great as I'd hoped). Several loaves of bread were baked and 8 chickens were butchered for the freezer. It was a very productive day. :)

I was all happy and excited until I get the mail and there was a note from the local school. We inquired about getting the kids in for Music and PE, they have no issue as long as they get their money or it's a no go. I don't have an issue with that but it was the next paragraph that ticked me off. The principal wanted to let me know that he had informed the county attorney that my oldest would not be attending their school this year, though he knows I have elected the homeschooling option, his letter claims that he is "required" to report this. Funny, I was not required to tell them anything since they were not enrolled, but whatever. I really don't trust those people. We have reconsidered the music and PE and will be opting to find that outlet for the kids elsewhere.

So is it time to start working on a fall garden?

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Diane said...

I think you are right about reconsidering the music and PE at that school. I hope you can find a better outlet cause music and PE are fun.

Kansas Mom said...

Are there any other homeschooling families in the area? There's a group PE option near here every other week. We haven't decided if we're signing First Son up yet.

I think we're getting a piano soon! I may try to teach First Son myself (not that I know how to play, but I know where the notes are and can read music...a bit).

Janelle said...

Kansasmom, there aren't any that we know of :( Let me know about that group, it's not so far for us to make the trip.

I hope so too Diane, thanks :)