Thursday, September 3, 2009

We are certified!! (w\shameless plug)

Dh and I spent the last few days working on getting certified for the new business and man oh man was there a lot to learn. Now we will work on getting accounts set up. The ability to work from home on our schedule seems like it will be great, though we are aware that there are times that we will have to work really hard to get business. Anyone working (you don't need to own the business, we hope to get a lead and can help save you and/or your company money) in and around the Wichita, KS down through the Ponca City, OK area, feel free to contact us to get more info about the business, no business is too small. :) We're so excited!!! Keep us in your prayers.


Diane said...

YAAHOOO...and Congrats and you bet you got my prayers.
Grow and grow into your future!

Lynnie said...

Good luck!

Katidids said...

So are you selling Eggs? What is the business? I've missed what your selling sorry!