Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Love", CHAOS and a dream

It's that time of year again, apparently, you know the time when all bulls fall in love, lol :) Lot is back in "love" with Treva he carefully busted his way out of the arena and was resting in the barn with her and Eva when we woke up this morning. Thankfully he didn't do too much damage and we were able to fix it easily. We are still deciding if we want him to breed her but we probably will and then he's off to the butcher.

CHAOS: Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome - yup there is a name for it and there is help. Thanks to FlyLady there is help for people like me. My mom "blessed" me with a need to have a clean kitchen always if I am to function properly. When you have sucky (yes it's a word, ok I made it up) plumbing like mine and your kitchen sink is almost always stopped up, that becomes an impossible task.

The problem is that once the kitchen goes downhill, so does the rest of the house :( It's a horrible cycle but I'm working through the flylady steps and trying to find creative ways to keep my sink shining. Once we get it done I hope to take 1 room at a time and really get it set up nicely. It's going to be quite the challenge for me but I am determined to do it.

In other news, I have defined my ministry with this little farm. I know what I want to do and I am looking for other area farmers who share a desire to feed others affordably. Farm Fresh/Organic/Healthy shouldn't be cost prohibitive to ordinary people. I plan to have an event to kick it off, anyone interested please email me for more info. Ideas and suggestions welcome :)

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Diane said...

I believe in you that you will win over go girl!
Luck with the bull...been there, done that, and seen it all! Hammer and nails anyone?