Sunday, September 20, 2009

Living within our means

This weekend I did a lot of baking to keep us stocked with bread a real staple at this point. Tonight for diner I wanted to do something different as I was a bit tired of the bread, beans and cheese routine. Dh told me that I could make whatever I like as long as I only need what we already have. The menu consisted of sweet potatoes w/brown sugar, Home-made Scalloped potatoes and baked fish. I was out of butter but I had skimmed cream yesterday. I used most of the cream for the butter and kept some for the half and half. Dh loves it in his coffee. :) Life with 2 toasters ovens is a challenge but totally doable. i also discovered that my crock pot can cook fresh meat in 2 hours or less as long as I don't get too fancy with it. It's been interesting, so what have you guys been up to?


Lynnie said...

I started making Melia's baby food - I am pretty good! I love my crock pot too!!!

Diane said...

Good job cooking with the toaster ovens...way to go.
For a period of time, I had to feed 2 adults on 170.00 a month. Like you I baked from scratch and used every bit of food to make a meal. LOL...bread & beans can go a long way.
Never thought about the crock pot to cook fish. What is the recipe?
Today I am trying to keep the house cool...100's for the next 3 days *ugh*!

Kansas Mom said...

Mom and I canned applesauce and tomatoes over the weekend. I'd never done it before. The water bath is really quite easy...but very time-consuming! We worked over 8 hours (even with a friend helping part of the time) and ended up with 14 jars of tomatoes and 7 jars of applesauce (and a few apple slices in the freezer). One of these days I'm going to get a picture of them on the blog.