Sunday, January 31, 2010


The previous owner of our property (2 owners ago really) has been our hay guy and that makes him a wealth of information that is yet to be fully tapped. :) DH was chatting with him one day and he mentioned that our big pasture would get about 2 big round bales per acre. This is awesome information as no one else seemed to be able to tell us. Since we do not have the equipment of know how to hay it ourselves we will be hiring it out and getting the square instead of the round as they are easier to manage. Our former garage (can you really even call it that if you don't put cars in it?), will be our new hay shed to keep it from the elements. This will also let us determine when it is cut and keep the quality of the hay higher than maybe available. I found a great how to for those a bit more advanced in their homesteading journey, How to make hay. Enjoy!

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Dana said...

I've thought about trying to put up some hay once we have animals to feed it to. But I wasn't sure whether we could provide enough to make it worth our while. Sounds like it is a maybe. :)