Friday, June 4, 2010

Got Beef?

We picked up the beef from Quinn today, there were 5 boxes, very small compared to most but he was a really little bull. His hanging weight was 313lbs and excluding organs and soup bones we got 232lbs of meat, not bad. I was amused to see the bull fries (I had not thought about it as part of the order), I have no desire to eat it so the dog, cat and/or pigs will have the pleasure, the same with the heart and tongue - which is really long. I am really impressed with the number of steaks that 1 bull (even a small one) gives.

I know most people don't like to name their animals if they will eat them but we do believe that every life has purpose and we raise our animals the best, most natural way we can so that they provide the most nutritional benefit. We have had Quinn since he was a tiny little thing and watched him grow into a strong, ornery bull, he had a great life and we will miss him.

On a side note, Missy will be skipping her trip to the butcher this month as we were not able to get her loaded last night :( I figure there must be a good reason so I will hold off a couple months and see what comes of Pinky's impending pregnancy.

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Lynnie said...

I hope you have a big freezer!