Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's a . . .

Baby #7 is a BOY :) Our pattern continues, lol :) We are all really thrilled, though I will need to work on getting boy things again as our last boy just turned 5 last week :)

In other news the meat sale was a hit, 4/5 feeder pigs were sold and 1/2 calves were sold as of this post :) Mama sow and babies are all doing well, they have migrated to the big barn with the cows. Jack and the girls are restless, they long for the freedom mama and the piglets have, we will be evaluating the housing this week.

The storm brought many branches and limbs down, rendering the electric fence useless. We are workingto get it back up.


Tracy said...

CONGRATS! What is the "pattern" up until now? Is it boy-girl-boy? That is so awesome. I should be looking for some little boy overalls to get you.... :)

Crystal said...