Thursday, June 3, 2010

Strawberry Jam

Today we had the opportunity to pick strawberries at Kansas Mom's farm and thanks to her tip about where to get pectin at a great price we were able to make some jam. Now, technically you're not supposed to remove the coupons from the box before purchase but hey. Pectin was on sale buy 1 get 1 free @ $2.55 and there is a .50 coupon inside that Dillons doubles, so we got the last 6 boxes for .28 per box :) A 4lb bag of sugar on sale for $1.88. Since I don't own all the canning apparatus we opted for the freezer Jam recipe in the box and made a double batch. I opted to use the blender instead of potato masher, and was advised to use more pectin to compensate. We got 11 1/2 jars (half pint) and the kids enjoyed the 1/2 jar thoroughly and are eagerly awaiting the other 11 jars to set :)


Kansas Mom said...


Crystal said...

Awesome! I love coupons. And canning. And jam. :) I made strawberry jam a few weeks ago the pectin-less way and it didn't really work. So now I have many pints of strawberry sauce which tastes very nice on cheesecake ;)

Lynnie said...

I love coupons! Open the box!