Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So we got our septic pumped a few days ago and the guy says "you didn't need to get it pumped yet, you probably could have gone another 6 or 9 months". Turns out there is a clog in the line somewhere between the house and the septic tank and though he tried to snake if for the septic side, he was unable to reach it. :( DH was able to borrow a snake and is working on trying to snake it from the other side. This process is long, slow and ewwww :( This is where I get to be thankful that we only have 1 bathroom I guess . . . I'm still working out that pep talk as you can tell.

A huge praise: DH is getting to move to an earlier shift and will once again be home before bedtime, YAY!!! Of course it also means that his days off are now all wonky and are no longer together (at least for a couple months as a co worker is on maternity leave) but, it will be nice to have him home at regular hours again :)

I feel old, hear me out, I have entered my 3rd trimester and the few days a week that I do go to help out at work are killing my back. Yesterday I was barely there 7 hours when I finally had DH come get me, almost 24 hours later and I still feel it everywhere :( Oh what I'd give for a nice whirlpool tub right now . . . I'm going back to bed.

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