Monday, August 16, 2010

A few thoughts

I was chatting with a friend about all that has been happening recently and the comment was made that I need to be careful what I post on my blog. Now this comment wasn't exactly new, my mom says this to me regularly, but to be fair she doesn't even read my blog. I have tried really hard to share things on here that are related to the trials and triumphs of moving from a city life to a farm life and not all of it will be pretty or fun. I think it is wrong to leave the unpleasant out as it really gives a false picture to someone considering this life.

To move from the city where there are so many more rules for everything and then come to the country where there are few rules, is an adjustment and not always in a good way. This is evident when we look at the differences in how houses are built, my house for example was originally built in 1900 and though there have been 2 additions since then the previous owners were not required to upgrade the pipes as they added on. This results in every pipe material ever used from 1900 on being used on the house. This also causes problems as the old galvanized pipes rust, making it much easier to clog. When the septic tank was installed it was obviously based on the number of current occupants (at that time 2), rather than the number of bedrooms. This means that our tank is smaller than it should be but it too will eventually be replaced. Time is everything when you move to a farm, just about everything you do will require a time commitment and no matter how badly you want it all done today, you will have to be patient.

As usual I have digressed. The point is this, if any of my readers feel a need to be concerned because of something I have written please take the time to address the concern via email or write a comment. I do take the time to read each email and comment and will clarify if there is any confusion. I am also very welcoming of suggestions, feel free to send them my way, I am in no way an expert and am willing to learn. :) Thanks

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