Monday, August 9, 2010

It's that time of year again

That's right. It's time to get the septic tank pumped. JOY! I called a company in a neighboring city and once again I am hoping that he shows up. It's more like praying he shows up, given last years experience it will be nice to pay the regular rate instead of twice the price just to get someone to come out.

On the upside, Dh was able to get the truck out of the ditch thanks to some kind neighbors, though it did involve a lecture about encouraging us to fraudulently enroll our children in the local school. Don't get me wrong, I pay pretty high property taxes around here and it would be nice to see that money stay local, couple that with the fact that we have the largest family of school age and/or soon to be school age children and I can understand the position. I only have 1 teansy little problem with it, and really it's so minor it could easily have been missed . . . it's wrong. Good now that we've cleared that up.

Meg seems to be having trouble with the recent heat wave, pray that she can hold out for the vet who comes back from vacation tomorrow :( I have been having DH and AR hose her down every few hours to keep her cool and we have mixed up a mini electrolyte replacer for her to drink (she really seems to like it, but that might be the molasses flavor). She is drinking very well, and even eating better, her breathing had been labored at the start a few days ago but is not anymore. She still isn't going out with the others but is getting up and around to eat and drink. This summer has been brutal, I really wish we could do more. The heat makes it so hard for them to eat and keep their weight on :( So many have died this year that it is scary. I am thankful that we haven't lost any but they are thinner than I'd like them to be.

I have added a Reviews tab to the blog, be sure to check out my latest review of last week's giveaway item. I made some curry chicken in one like it last night :)

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Tracy said...

We got tired of always having septic problems (last one was during -20 weather in the middle of winter). But the guy who came out last time was just an angel - he showed us several tricks to keeping the line cleaned out and the process going as it should. 1) don't use ANY toilet paper except the thin Scott tissue - anything else, even if it says "septic system rated" will clog your tank (and he would know, he unclogs a bunch of then) 2) We also went to not putting much tissue down the toilet. We have a small metal trash can w/lid next to the toilet for disposal of most tp. Unless it's really messy - then I will flush it. But cutting down even 50% makes a huge difference. Haven't needed any other clean-outs; and with good bacteria in your system, you shouldn't really need to have the septic man come more than once every 10 years or so.